Nothing to hide here

We believe in transparency so (unlike most agents) we have listed our fees which can apply depending on the terms and conditions or the terms of the tenancy.


Please note: fees will apply as per your terms and conditions

Let Only (Student property) £600 (inc. VAT)
Let Only (Non-student property) £480 (inc. VAT)
Full Management 12% of rent (inc. VAT)
Set-up Fee for managed properties 60% of a month’s rent (inc. VAT)
Inventory Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Deposit registration Fee £60 (inc. VAT)
Additional property visits £60 (inc. VAT)
Submission of non-residents landlord’s receipts to HMRC quarterly £120 (inc. VAT)
Arrangement Fee for any works 12% of net cost (inc. VAT)
Obtaining more than two contractors quotes £60 (inc. VAT) per quote
Using landlord’s own tenancies (subject to approval) £120 (inc. VAT)
Rent Review Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Renewal Fee (landlords share) £120 (inc. VAT)
Checkout Fee (landlords share) £72 (inc. VAT)
Court Attendance


Late Payments

£180 (inc. VAT) per hour


Interest at the rate of 8% above Bank Of England Base Rate from date due


Please note: not all fees listed below may apply to your tenancy

Before you move in

Guarantor Fee £80 (inc. VAT)
Referencing Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Amendment Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Additional Appendix Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Deposit Returnable security deposit as per tenancy agreement
Pet Deposit Returnable deposit +50% of deposit amount

During your tenancy

Amendment Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Deed of Assignment Fee £120 (inc. VAT)
Extra copy of tenancy agreement £24 (inc. VAT)
Renewal Fee (tenant’s share) £120 (inc. VAT)

Ending your tenancy

Checkout Fee (tenant’s share) £72 (inc. VAT)
Future Landlord Reference Fee £60 (inc. VAT)

Other fees and charges

Out of Hours Service £60 (inc. VAT) plus any costs incurred
Unpaid Rent/Returned Payments Interest at the rate of 8% above Bank Of England Base Rate from date due
Professional Cleaning (if required) £35 (inc. VAT) per hour

Courteous, reliable, efficient. Communicated well and seemed balanced in the information and advice given. (And that comes from somebody who has never been a fan of estate agents!)

Michael Holloway (Manchester)