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About Us

MS Estates are essentially a husband and wife team. Michael & Satty (married since 1996) opened their offices in 2002 so they have lived and worked together for quite some time. They each know of their roles in and out of the workplace and we can guess who the boss is.

Michael’s experience in property goes back to when he was 18 when he bought his first house. Since then he has bought, sold, developed, refurbished, let & managed property… you name it and he has done it, and done it well.

Michael is very approachable, easy to get on with and the advice he gives will always be informed and honest.

Satty is the organised one in the business, she is the backbone and without her things would probably come to a grinding halt. Satty’s work ethic, straightforwardness, no-nonsense approach and thoroughness is part of what sets MS Estates apart from other agents.
Michael & Satty make a good team in and out of the workplace and their skill sets complement the business, which is your property.